September 5, 2023

SpaceBridge to speak at the APSAT 2023 taking place in Indonesia

SpaceBridge Inc. has announced that the company’s executive will be speaking at the upcoming APSAT 2022 event especially on SpaceBridge’ products and technology that can uniquely address Industrial IoT / Machine-to-Machine data networking requirements for a wide variety of Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. 

The APSAT 2023 is the 19th ASSI’s consecutive annual international conference series on the satellite communication aspect and it is a remarkable annual event in Indonesia and it is being acknowledged, recognized and endorsed by telecommunication international societies, 

SpaceBridge Inc., is an established supplier and global market leader in broadband satellite communications systems technology. 

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, SpaceBridge Inc. is well positioned to meet the demands of today’s global market, with two affiliate R&D offshore innovation centers, sales, and support offices, as well as remote offices in: Brazil, Colombia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Indonesia. Moreover, SpaceBridge is an ISO9001 registered vendor.

The company develops and provides satellite network equipment and services, including VSAT HUBs and Terminals for Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi-Point, and Mesh topologies, as well as SCPC and broadcast modems for GEO and NGSO satellite constellations

SpaceBridge Inc. also provides Cloud-Based autonomous managed services for its customers, helping them eliminate initial large CapEx investments and save on network management OpEX, while expediting time-to-market.

SpaceBridge Inc. first introduced ASAT™  Wave Switch™ technology to the market in 2015.  This innovative, award-winning technology enables dynamic return link selection and switching to the most-appropriate waveform, whether MF-TDMA, ASCPC or SCPC, thereby optimizing satellite resource usage for satellite networks and operators.

Source: Spacewatch Africa