APSAT 2024

Asia Pacific Satellite Conference

The APSAT 2024 is the 20th ASSI’s annual international conference series on the satellite communication aspect, and it is a remarkable annual event in Indonesia, and it is being acknowledged, recognized, and endorsed by international telecommunication societies, professionals, and government institutions. The APSAT 2024 has become the paramount satellite technology conference event of the year in Indonesia, with sharing knowledge from many leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, end-users, the academic community, and enthusiasts together in one place. For more than 20 years, APSAT has played a critical role in determining how satellites will shape the future of telecommunication in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region. The conference welcomes the community of aerospace professionals from every market and field of study in the Asia Pacific region.

ASSI (Asosiasi Satelit Indonesia) or (The Indonesian Satellite Association) is an inclusive non-profit organization, based in Bandung, established in 1998, has the aim to promote and encourage the satellite industry, including the satellite community development in Indonesia, through national-international multi-discipline collaboration, and to address wide range satellite related issues.

Indonesia’s telecommunications industry is at a critical juncture, facing the dual challenge of expanding coverage across its vast archipelago and upgrading its infrastructure to meet growing demands for high-speed connectivity. APSAT 2024 aims to serve as a platform for value creation by bringing together stakeholders to explore solutions that leverage satellite technology for bridging these gaps.

With its unique geographic and demographic challenges, Indonesia represents a significant opportunity for market expansion through satellite technology. APSAT 2024 will delve into the synergies between satellite operators, local telecom companies, and international technology providers to explore new avenues for connectivity solutions. These discussions will be particularly pertinent for addressing Indonesia’s need for reliable, widespread internet access, highlighting the role of satellite technology in achieving national connectivity goals and fostering economic growth which supports the nation’s vision of becoming a digital economy powerhouse in Southeast Asia.

Having the above information, APSAT 2024 will have a 2 day conference to address satellite technology, business and new ideas issues.

On the 1st day, the conference will focus on satellite businesses and markets, which start with a panel discussion from international satellite business players focusing on potential markets in the Asia Pacific region. After looking from an executive perspective, the discussion shifted to satellite technology to foster innovative advantages. In the afternoon, the discussion will focus on improvement and innovation from Ground Segment Equipment, Network, and Integrator manufacturers, especially in the growing trend of NGSO satellite constellation services whilst maintaining a balanced approach that preserves the proportionality between GSO and NGSO. At the end of the day, the discussion with local network operators focusing on Indonesia’s national capacity.

On the 2nd day, the discussion will be started with focus on a special topic on maritime particularly on the potential, challenges, and market requirements of maritime sector in Indonesia. In the following session, satellite application providers will discuss strategies to synergize operations, coexist within a crowded ecosystem, and overcome challenges. The 3rd session will discuss the innovation to provide the adjacent services besides satellite communication services such as earth observation and the internet of things (IoT). At the last session of APSAT 2024, we continue the initiative of APSAT Hackathon to reignite interest in satellite innovation among the youth, inviting professionals, students, and startups from the Asia Pacific region to explore uncharted realms of creativity, with a mission to redefine the industry through technological advancement, business strategy, and social innovation.


▪ A tool to enrich, encourage and support the satellite industry and community development in Asia-Pacific region and Indonesia in particular,
▪ A practical discussion medium among the satellite industry experts addressing the eminent and future issues, technology, application, regulatory and business issues focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, through sharing experience, information, and ideas in the satellite related matters.
▪ A medium for future cooperation, business engaging and non-profit mutual collaboration.

APSAT 2024 will discover:

  • Satelite Executive Roundtable : Satelite Business Perspective
  • Satelite & Launcher Technology Innovation : Fostering Innovative Advantages
  • Ground & Network Innovation : Preserving Proportion
  • Network Operators Roundtable : National Capacity
  • Special Topic Discussion : Maritime
  • Satelite Application Trend Executive Roundtable: Synergy, Co-Exist, Overcome
  • Non-Satcom Space Technology Roundtable : Earth, Observation & IoT
  • Exploring Session: Hackathon 2.0


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